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As for any public facilities able to accommodate a large number of people allowing exchanges between continents, airports are the target of terrorist acts. An overall security approach and suited solution  makes it possible to reduce these risks as much as possible.

It is important to be able to manage the overall security of the passenger flow from its entrance in the public zone to the international zone through the security checkpoints.

Each zone has its specificities and requires a precise answer that can be:

- Abandoned package detection or Automatic Incident Detection in the public area and on airport-owned roads

- Access control and queue management for different security checkpoints.

- Video and luggage sorting interfaces for technical areas

- Perimeter and thermal cameras on border areas.

All this informations can be correlated to a hypervisor to be as responsive as possible. Axone is taking up the challenge by proposing to federate all these activities in a single software that can control all security actors from a workstation.

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