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One of the most important protection

Sotware: The Video Management System VMS

Software is the cornerstone of a video surveillance system. It is this application that will be seen, used 24/7 by the security operator.

His choice is essential for several reasons.

The choice of a VMS will determine the overall architecture of a video surveillance project, whether from a network point of view (multicast, Unicast, etc.), from a choice of camera brand point of view (thousands of brands), from a storage point of view (some VMS requiring DAS / SAN storage increasing the overall cost).

The definition of the functional need is an important phase and the solution must be able to be open and scalable over time while adapting to any type of support.

In order to achieve this service, Axone selected the world leaders from this field.

CCTV Cameras

The camera is at the center of any video surveillance projet. The industry has already mostly moved to "Full IP" solutions, there are thousands of references and hundreds of different products both in terms of cameras and encoders.

Axone chooses and distributes solutions from leading manufacturers in their fields.


IT Network

The network is often overlooked in video architectures, but it is the highway of the security solution.

CCTV cameras are the most demanding network sensors.

The biggest cost in a video security architecture is infrastructure. Our evaluation takes these constraints into account.

Server & Storage

IT equipment is the first item of expenditure in a video surveillance architecture and the second in a global architecture.

Whether for servers or storage, no architecture is alike and several solutions exist depending on the number of cameras, the resolution, the amount of storage and the number of simultaneous connections.

 From its experience and its abacus, Axone determines precisely the corresponding configurations for your project.

Video Wall and Display Solution

The management of display walls for large display units or distributed systems must be taken into account as a whole.

The display must respect the entire video protection chain. Putting Full HD screens without Full HD cameras, or vice versa, will not help.

It is important to take into account the requirements in terms of video surveillance: Full HD TVs are not made for 24/7 use.

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