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Integration and on-site support

We provide all our customers in Video Surveillance, Hypervision 3D or Image Analysis with a know- how of more than 15 years and all the skills necessary for the implementation of systems over IP.

From preparation to on-site assistance, we can support you at each stage of your project until its completion. Depending on the mission entrusted, we can accompany you on site to:


he installation of cameras is an essential part in the success of a project. It’s hard to imagine or understand exactly what the cameras will see based on where they’re installed. Axone supports you in an early phase of your project to determine the best coverage areas thanks to its 3D Prodesign design tool.

By creating realistic 3-dimensional environments you will navigate and position the different cameras according to your needs.


Our team is able to set up all equipments before instalaltion, saving significant time and so-called "plug & play" deployment.

We can set-up all the equipment according to the specifications of the integrator (server integration, software, network settings, labeling, etc...). In the context of certain projects, it is necessary to go through a mock-up phase as part of a Factory Acceptance Test or Site Acceptance Test. Axone has a space of more than 100m2 used mainly for modeling in order to simulate any type of system environment.

In addition to the physical instalaltion, we support you in the writing of all the project deliverables to simplify the whole.


We produce 3D interactive models for the needs of urban planning, architecture and industry, in compliance with the methods best suited to client requirements.

Our company provides comprehensive service from on-site data acquisition (Scan 3D, Lidar, Autocad) to very diverse post-processing tailored to your needs.

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In addition to the so-called “Manufacturers” training provided in the catalog, Axone offers a range of so-called “practical” and personalized training. They are a significant complement to traditional training. As the saying goes, "When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him fish."

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we offer a wide range of "generic" training related to video surveillance, PSIM & IT.

Maintenance is often overlooked, but vitally important to the sustainability of a system.

For each installation, Axone can, for example, perform a full system backup with a dedicated machine in the event of a breakdown. Axone offers 2 types of maintenance, preventive and curative to support our customers.

Our teams are certified, trained and specialized in all areas of security and their experience is a real asset to meet this challenge.

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