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Axone, since its creation, has specialized in the field of electronic security but also in that of Computer Vision. This technological approach consists in trying to imitate and understand human vision. In our profession, this comes in the form of algorithms, composed of mathematical formulas, and on the consistency of the field of vision of the camera. The whole, requiring computing power adapted to the needs.

Today, all security systems are completely passive and do not fully meet the operational needs of customers. All organizations need to understand each situation as quickly as possible in order to act quickly. The assistance of artificial intelligence will allow, for example, to achieve this objective for:

• Classify objects in a live or a playback video

• Count objects according to their class

• Detect abnormalities in the image


• Generate personalized reports necessary for the dissemination of information within the organization

Innovation - Research & Development

Since 2017, aware of the impact of this technology on the security world and its contribution, we have created a research and development center in order to allow our customers to access these technologies and to be able to support them in their needs of specific data processing.

With this approach, the company is positioning itself as a major player in the development of algorithms based on technologies called Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The challenges of big data are a reality for our customers and their need for understanding data has never been greater.

Our teams support our clients on a daily basis to help them take advantage of passive and dormant information on their network.

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