Command & Control Solution - PSIM Solutions Like a Video Game, no needs of Training or Manual


Faced with the multiplication of supervision tools implemented in some companies, it becomes more and more difficult for operational teams to focus their attention and not to miss an alarm.

PSIM responds to this problem, because it allows all the supervision tools to be centralized on a single interface. Not only Hypervision allows them to integrate and overlay information but also creates information correlation between the different subsystems

This collect of information allows us to display in real time the status of these different sensors and operate them using the same platform.

OODA: Observe - Orient - Decide & Act

OODA a unique software: 

  • Observe the status of your physical or human sensors 
  • Orient  yourself thru the 3D map of your site to analyse and understand your alarms
  • Decide of the best method to deal with the situation with guidance from our AI that comes from the experience of thousands incidents as well as senior operators
  • Act on the entirety of your sensors 

Your Digital twin for your site and all your data

The modeling and representation of the environment in 3 dimensions allows real added value in terms of intelligence and convergence of the different types of sensors, for example by allowing the cameras to point to the incident according to their respective locations. This allows for much more reactive alarm verification, which is a crucial factor in security .

The operator is in general not an IT specialist, but  rather a security specialist, it is important to display the needed information instantly, to do this we use codes from serious gaming.


Constellation is an agnostic platform that unifies all the data sources from the different key actors of the security, IT and Big Data environment.

The platform is expandable and open. Any type of tools may be connected and different data types may be transmitted to this platform.

It is interoperable. Based on a Micro-Service architecture, integration of sub-system become really easy. The platform is able to manage the workflow and detect the important details from the mass of information.

OODA Analytics

OODA Analytics, is a open platform of video analytics software helping you to locate easily a specific person, object or vehicle.

The analytic search can be done by any user, even without specific training.

Decsribe to OODA Analytics your search information. Is it a person? A Vehicle? An object?

Describe your search based on different criteria: height, weight, color, skin, characteristics (glasses, hat, etc..) then OODA Analytics will provide you with most relevant results

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